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Tied up in Bows

This is a record for me. I have TWO items from Fifty Linden Friday in this photo. Get them before the clock strikes midnight!

Dress: … 28 more words


Evermore Noel at Club Xanadu.

This dj is worth the wait to listen to his set at Xanadu, these tunes makes your spine dance. Not that much people here yet as he only have been spinning for 25 minutes, but I have taken some photos of the sexy people who came to listen. 21 more words

Events & Music

Linden Endowment for the Arts: Round 11 LEA AIR Land Grant Applications to Open on May 1, 2016!

On May 1, 2016, the applications for the 11th round of the LEA AIR land grants will open! For more information, please see the link below: 16 more words

Windlight Magazine

The (noob) naturist girl in SL

Disclaimer: The names in this post are fictional and used with the only purpose of illustrating a story. Described events, on the other hand, are real Second Life experiences slightly altered to adapt them to a Real Life perspective. 1.294 more words


アジアハウス - Ajia hausu

I thought a while about what I could write, or do, to not show you always the same things. Me on a boat, me on a plane… dahdahdah… 184 more words

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